doctor spiffy: MD in training


Welcome to the lair of Dr. Spiffy, MD in training. I realize this is all new and spanky, but lest you think I’m new to this game, let me give you a brief CV:

I’ve been writing online in various forms since 1996. I had a popular website that was retired in 2003 after 5 years of providing entertainment to nerdy girls and those that loved them. I have been a journalist, an activist, an Internet “guru”, and a lowly programmer.

In 2003, I left my glamorous, rent-stabilized apartment in the East Village in New York, where I had been born and raised, to move myself to Lakewood OH in pursuit of a new career in medicine and research. I also moved to help care for my aging parents, who I now live across the street from.

I currently am working on a bachelor’s degree in biology at Cleveland State University, studying for the MCAT, caring for my ill father, parenting a couple of ungrateful cats, attempting to figure out what gay people in Cleveland do for fun, and trying to quit smoking.

My interests are: cute girls, medicine, psychiatry, evolution, politics, technology, music, good books of any kind, and cute girls, in some semblance of that order.

Most likely I’ll be writing about these things and more. I look forward to it — hope you’ll stick around.

P.S. Why “Dr. Spiffy”? Well, the doctor is obvious, but the spiffy’s for the part where I manage to put an outfit together when necessary (which right now isn’t often, but that’s OK — that’ll change when I make the cover of Seed. (just kidding.))