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Yet again, I am proven right — an aside.

(Watching “24”, Kim Raver is in the conference room, wearing glasses — raising her hottiness quotient like 3000%…who knew? Woof-ie.)

Back to Today in Science News:

Prize awarded by journal for Alzheimer’s theory: Is music recognition spared in dementia? Anecdotal evidence (including my own experiences with relatives and others) would seem to indicate yes…

Study Strengthens Link between Virus and Weight Gain

I’m working on a new design and a move to Textpattern — as I find that is a little limited for my needs (having been spoiled by Movable type back in the “old days” (like 2001), I’m used to controlling almost everything.) I’ll tell you something, though: I would be willing to pay someone real student-scale money if they would build blog software with built-in footnoting and citations. Seriously. Double dog dare.

Have a good evening, I’ll be finishing watching “24” and prepping for micro lab tomorrow.


Reading — 1/27/2006

Abortion-rights and anti-abortion groups share some values: Interesting…the findings seem to show that one group’s perceptions of the other’s values are far more extreme than the values held, implying that “common ground” may be closer than you’d think.

Researchers make avian flu vaccine from human “cold” virus — the report states it was shown to be 100% effective. Wonder how long that will last.

Monkey cops keep clans together: “Through their stabilising presence and active peacekeeping, the dominant males contribute to a more cooperative society.” — Yeah, I don’t know where to go with this.

Time changes modern human’s face

This is interesting: I always wondered whether our features have changed over the recent past (read: past 1000 years vs. past 50K years) — and it seems so. This explains those amazing Medici family portraits…

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Want to quit smoking? Don’t think about it…

BBC NEWS | Health | Sudden bid to quit smoking ‘best’

I’m sure those of you who have attempted to quit smoking (or have succeeded) will not be surprised to learn that a study in the British Medical Journal found that pondering your decision (you know, making lists, buying pallets of chewing gum in advance, thinking about how you’ll fill the time now that the cigarette monkey is off your back (or at least visiting relatives for a while)) is not as successful as just standing up in the middle of a crowded theater and quitting mid-film.

As my recent trek into quitsville ended a few days ago, it seems that rather than feeling like a failure, I should instead consider myself “normal” — or as close as I can get.

Reading: 25 January 2005

Smallest Vertebrate Found (see awesome pictures on Pharyngula)

Richard Hatch continues to give gay people a bad name…: I mean seriously, I don’t know how you could sneak food to your friends on some island in the middle of the ocean, unless you’re picking up Combos at a 7-11 on an oil platform or something…

Bush Administration caught trying to fake out mouse science in effort to benefit developers: I’d like to see these little guys in action…

The more I read Aetiology, the more I love it and feel like the kid who came late to the really good class they’re gonna be sorry they missed.