doctor spiffy: MD in training

Yet again, I am proven right — an aside.

(Watching “24”, Kim Raver is in the conference room, wearing glasses — raising her hottiness quotient like 3000%…who knew? Woof-ie.)

Back to Today in Science News:

Prize awarded by journal for Alzheimer’s theory: Is music recognition spared in dementia? Anecdotal evidence (including my own experiences with relatives and others) would seem to indicate yes…

Study Strengthens Link between Virus and Weight Gain

I’m working on a new design and a move to Textpattern — as I find that is a little limited for my needs (having been spoiled by Movable type back in the “old days” (like 2001), I’m used to controlling almost everything.) I’ll tell you something, though: I would be willing to pay someone real student-scale money if they would build blog software with built-in footnoting and citations. Seriously. Double dog dare.

Have a good evening, I’ll be finishing watching “24” and prepping for micro lab tomorrow.


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