doctor spiffy: MD in training

Random Access 01

  • Janet Reno…karaoke…oy.
  • I wish I could get over my Cops addiction. I read an article once whose writer posited that Cops was an excellent window into race and class relations in the US for those of us who don’t get out of NYC…it still seems to be true, albeit having now moved to Cleveland, I realize there’s a lot one misses in translation
  • New Library Books: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and Critical Mass (I have to go to the library without a bag now so I don’t end up with more books than I can actually read in 2 weeks, what with school and MCAT studying and all)
  • I’m trying out Notebook by Circus Ponies…So far I love it a lot, but I love Omni Outliner too…opinions welcome.

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