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10 Things I’ve learned from “Project Runway”

There are many reality shows from which one can choose. I have dabbled in a few (“Survivor”, “The Apprentice”, “The Apprentice – Martha Stewart”) run away quickly from many (anything with a nanny involved) and been hooked by a few. While “America’s Next Top Model” is out of season, BRAVO>PROJECT RUNWAY 2 is in full gear. Not only is it full of drama (“What happens when 8 gay men and 8 seemingly heterosexual women live in an overpriced apartment building, design clothes, stop being polite and start getting real?”) but it is educational like getting taken to school by Dixie Carter on “Designing Women.”

So with 1.5 seasons behind us, let’s look at some of the lessons we’ve learned at the knee of Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina

  1. They’re not clothes. They’re garments.
  2. Your models can make you. AND break you. Choose wisely.
  3. While Paris Hilton doesn’t even know where the fuck London is, her sister Nikki will totally remember if you rip off a dress she’s already worn.
  4. No matter what your sexual preference, all aspiring designers scream like little girls if you bring them to Barbieland.
  5. The people who sell you fabric should get credit every time you win. Bad fabric will KILL you.
  6. “Conceptual” sounds great when you’re talking to the camera, but on a human body, you shouldn’t have to have your model carry footnotes to explain your garment.
  7. Jay McCarroll STILL rules the runway.
  8. If you are a Season 2 contestant, it is required you must screw with your first name, your last name or both (e.g., “Guadalupe Vidal”, WTF?)
  9. When Tim Gunn tells you it’s time to step it up, it feels like you’ve just disappointed your favorite high school teacher you had a crush on.
  10. AND…

  11. For the best recaps, check out Rich’s fourfour. I am a mere gamete in his wake.

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